J’s International School

J’s International School

This is an international Preschool and Kindergarten in Minato-ku, where children come to experience the joy of learning in a warm and secure environment. Along with the high academic standard of Preschool and Kindergarten activities and curriculums, J’s school aims to make the school family-like and fun in a very special way, making their first experience of school happy and enjoyable.

They offer Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten and Pre First Grade classes where our dedicated teachers lead classes in an atmosphere charged with excitement, encouragement, curiosity, challenges, and accomplishment. In addition to our regular classes school also offers a wide range of exciting extra classes; Japanese, After School Program, Saturday Class, and Holiday Classes .

School classes:

Little Lambs – Ages 1.5-2.5 years old
As this is usually the child’s first school experience our initial focus is to make the daily separation a smooth and easy transition for both child and caregiver. The teachers’ efforts create a fun, loving and comforting atmosphere, one that every child can adapt to easily and feel safe and secure. Before long, the children look forward to coming to school and enjoy playing with their friends. The academic goals are; numbers 1-10, introduction to the alphabet, colors and shapes and writing left to right lines.

Busy Bees – Ages 3-4 years old
As their name implies “Busy Bees” are an active group. The task ahead is for them to learn to control their very busy energetic selves, sit down and concentrate for 20 minutes and become self-sufficient in daily activities such as eating lunch and going to the bathroom. By encouraging children to do things on their own, teachers help the transition from babyhood to childhood to be a happy and rewarding time. By the end of the program the Busy Bees will have learned how to count and write the numbers 1-30 and read, write and pronounce all the letters of the alphabet. They will be all set to get started on the exciting programs waiting for them in the next class, the Ready Rabbits.

Ready Rabbits – Ages 4-5 years old
At this age children are growing rapidly, both mentally and physically. They are eager to be more independent. Teachers are always there to encourage, guide and support the child. The academic goals are; counting, recognizing numbers from 1 to 50, beginners Phonics including rhyming words, recognizing and identifying first and last letter in a word and beginning to read simple books. With the high teacher to student ratio each child is able to receive individual instruction and attention soon a Ready Rabbit becomes able to hop to the next stage… the Clever Cats.

Clever Cats – Ages 5-6 years old
Children at this age are “challengers”. They demand a lot of themselves & their teachers. They are energetic, enthusiastic and have an insatiable curiosity. Many of their questions require some research by the teachers but at J’s we are always happy to go the extra mile to satisfy their amazing desire for knowledge! Academically, these children reach the level of first grade in language arts, reading and math. This provides a head-start for a smooth transition to international elementary schools.

After School Program
After School Program is a unique collection of classes designed for pre k – elementary aged children; offering a variety of structured fun and educational activities. ASP also is a wonderful opportunity and environment for children to socialize, make new acquaintances and build friendships. Art, Drama, Music, Dancing, Sports, Cooking and Literature Clubs these are all learning environments which children can derive essential life skills & traits from, but which the average school day or afternoon at home may find difficult to provide.

Another unique aspect of ASP is its focus on teaching the classic 3 R’s –Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Age: 3years old to 9 years old

Kindergarden, Pre-school
2-12-14 Moto-Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046
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