International Yamanote Kindergarten

International Yamanote Kindergarten

Yamanote Kindergarten was established in 1964 by Yamanote Educational Institution. It invites 2 to 3 year-olds to the Rabbit Class, the Koala class (preschool) and kindergarten students to Kids World for extended day care service. They are for all the working mothers and busy families.

Rabbit Class: Various Activities and Interests Program (three times a week).

Koala Class: Increase English Communication Ability Program (twice a week).

IYK English lessons are team taught by Canadian, Newzealander, and Japanese English teachers. Rabbit Class (2 year-olds/3 days a week), has a 20min. English lesson once a week, while kindergarten classes go for 30 to 40min. lesson 1 or 2 times a week. According to the monthly themes, children enjoy English through singing, moving their body, playing games and so on.

Here at IYK, an English Speaking Club is being offered for graduates who are now 1st through 5th grade elementary school students.

The main objective of ESC is to prepare a person for future use of English.  Following the natural course for learning English (listening, speaking, reading and writing) the goal is not only to improve one’s ability in English, but more importantly that it becomes more and more fun to learn.

Facility logistics:

Inner Rooms
Multipurpose Hall, Open Room, English Room, Music Room, Inside Pool, Shower Room, Locker Room, Library Corner, Computer Corner

Managers Rooms
Teachers Room, Office, Fureai Salon (Parents Lounge)

Other Facilities
Broadcasting Room, Supplies Room, School Kitchen, Boiler Room, Restrooms

Outside Lodging Facilities
Sports Toys, Slide, Sand Box, Fureai Second School

Kindergarden, Pre-school
1-15, Yamanote 2Jo 3Chome, Nishi-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, 063-0002
  • International Yamanote Kindergarten
  • International Yamanote Kindergarten
  • International Yamanote Kindergarten