Tokyo YMCA International School

Tokyo YMCA International School

The Tokyo YMCA was established in 1880 and has had TYiS as an international school since 1998.

It operates out of a YMCA-maintained building which has public access, and our school is housed on the third floor. They have large classrooms, an outdoor play area, a cafeteria, and a comprehensive library with over 5,000 picture books and novels. We have access to the YMCA Wellness Center, 25-metre swimming pool, full-size gymnasium, and rooftop tennis and soccer courts. The school overlooks a quiet canal, and several parks are located within walking distance.

School has a diverse school population and encourage students to appreciate cultural identity and learn to make meaningful contributions to the global as well as local community.

Although the YMCA is based upon Christian philosophy, the YMCA and TYiS welcome students and families from many faiths which strengthen its relationships and understanding. TYiS is a non-secular organisation.

The school offers a 1–2 week summer program each year after the regular school year ends. The program is open to all grade levels. In addition, the YMCA organizes annual summer camps in New York state and Hawaii that are open to all children.

TYiS offers a variety of after-school clubs including but not limited to field hockey, art, cooking, soccer, business, balloon making, and extensive reading. We also provide after-school tutoring for students who need additional time developing their English skills.

Kindergarden, Elementary School, Middle school
2-2-20 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0016
WASC accreditation
Christian philosophy, but non-secular
  • Tokyo YMCA International School
  • Tokyo YMCA International School
  • Tokyo YMCA International School