Osaka International School

Osaka International School

Osaka International School (OIS) is a coeducational international school, located in Osaka. OIS educates students from kindergarten (age 4-5) through grade 12.

OIS shares its campus, facilities and a number of programs with its sister school, Senri International School (SIS), a grade 7-12 Japanese-curriculum school primarily for students who have lived abroad. Secondary students from both schools share classes in physical education, music and art, and high-level students in English and Japanese can take courses in either school. Students from both schools also join for athletic teams, drama casts, and for choir, band, and orchestra groups.

OIS, as an IBO and WASC accredited school, uses the framework offered by the IB Programmes (PYP, MYP and Diploma) to offer a comprehensive, integrated curriculum to prepare students for continuing education anywhere in the world. More details on the OIS curriculum.

SIS has developed a curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of its student body of returnee, domestic and international students. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and can design courses of study to help them pursue their interests and provide a solid basis for a life of learning beyond school.

Kindergarden, Elementary School, Middle school, High school
4-4-16 Onohara-nishi, Minoh, Osaka 562-0032
Accredited by WASC; IB school, offering PYP, MYP, and the Diploma Program.
  • Osaka International School
  • Osaka International School