Axis International School

Axis International School

Daniel Mahr founded the school in 2004 with a Japanese parent who appreciated the program with his own children, and who wanted more Japanese children to receive an international school eduction.

The school was started as a fusion of an English school and an International school so that those students who needed English language support at the beginning, can have it. From this combination, many different types of classes were born in order to best help the students succeed.

The school provides toddlers (age 1-3) and preschool students (age 3-6) the opportunity to experience a fun curriculum in English under the instruction of qualified and experience staff and native English-speaking teachers.

Axis International School also provides elementary, junior high, and high school students the opportunity to study a full academic curriculum in English under the instruction of highly qualified, native English-speaking teachers. International school students benefit from an individualized school schedule in which they can study at their own pace and receive personalized instruction from their teacher.

The school follows the Griggs International Academy home school curriculum. Students may start their coursework at any time during the year since each student takes an individualized pace.

Kindergarden, Pre-school, Elementary School, Middle school, High school
+81-422-20-3626 (International School); +81-422-77-8913 (Preschool)
1-35-14 Kichijoji Hon-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004 (International School); Kichijoji Nanai Blg. 3-21-12-101 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180 – 0006 (Preschool)
  • Axis International School
  • Axis International School