Ohana International School

Ohana International School

Founded in 2010 by Shelley Sacks and Darren Winney, Ohana is a small preschool in the heart of Azabu-juban — with bright and colourful classrooms on two floors, and eco-friendly equipment throughout, catering for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. The students are a wonderful mix of nationalities, with 60% of the children being non-Japanese, 10% being bicultural (Japanese plus another), and 30% being Japanese.

When you enroll your child in Ohana International School in Tokyo, you are immediately welcomed as a member of the Ohana family. The learning programme is designed to build on the strengths of each child, valuing families and their ethnicity as well as everyone’s contribution to our Tokyo preschool. The school honors the uniqueness of each child and his or her faith, religion, family, and culture. All nationalities are welcomed.

The program is play-based and designed through careful study of Early Childhood educational practices, to develop the maximum potential emotionally, socially, physically, intellectually, and cognitively in all the children who attend our school through:

An educational program aimed at teaching children about the environment and how each of us can do something to “Save the World”
Early Literacy and language activities
Math and number games
Gross and fine-motor activities
Science and discovery activities
How to live in a community and embrace difference
How to express ones thoughts and feelings in an honorable and respectful way to others

Ohana International School in Tokyo is a member of The Tokyo Association of International Preschools (TAIP).
2/3F, Park I, 2-17-8 Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045
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