ai International School

ai International School

ai International School  was founded with love in June 1986. The school started with only 5 students and one teacher, the school founder, Ms. Sue Nakanishi. The school was sponsored by Land Master Corporation (Master’s Corporation presently). Its’ aim was to provide quality education and care for the children of the foreign and local community. Their further purpose was “to assist in a full orientation service for locals and expatriates”.

The school now serves children from the age of eighteen months to 6 years old. A Tutoring Program, Summer Program and After School Program for present and past students is also available.

ai International School  has been supported locally and has gained a reputation for providing a quality beginning for the community’s children. The school has always been filled with the laughter of children, and it is a place for children “to learn to love learning”.

ai International School is “a good place for children to bloom and grow”. “We aim to help children love all the challenges, pleasures, difficulties and camaraderie involved in learning”.

Children in a Multi Age Environment will learn to be responsible for themselves as well as each other, thus also becoming responsible for their own learning.

Kindergarden, Pre-school
5-4-1-3F, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
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