Yukata de Carne


When: 14/08/16: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Ogasawara Hakushaku Tei, 10-10 Kawada-cho

Put on your yukata and get ready for a fiesta. This party is taking place during peak summer season, with all of the elements that will make it the ultimate seasonal event – the BBQ taking prime position, of course. Modern Spanish restaurant Ogasawara Hakushaku Tei is expecting a big turn out of more than 200 guests hailing from around the world, all looking to have a great time.

Be sure to reserve your tickets well in advance, and note that a yukata is part of the dress code! The chefs will be grilling up a smorgasbord of various meats to satisfy any cravings you might be keen on, accompanied by a sampling of Spanish wines and side dishes throughout the evening.

Yukata de Carne

How much: Women ¥13,000 / Men ¥15,000

More info: http://www.ogasawaratei.com/event/?p=5461

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