Yoshikatsu Fujii: Incipient Strangers


When: 07/03/15 - 05/04/15: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Where: Reminders Photography Stronghold, 2-38-5 Higashi-Mukojima

This latest exhibition from artist and photographer Yoshikatsu Fujii explores the feelings of isolation, alienation and ‘otherness’ which can occur amongst family members. Fujii explores the theme by capturing people, places and objects, and juxtaposing images beside each other to highlight differences. The photographer uses his lens to tackle the idea of what it means to be a stranger within ones’ own family.

Yoshikatsu Fujii: Incipient Strangers

More information: http://reminders-project.org/rps/incipientstrangersjp/

How much: free


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