Woo Yes!


When: 28/05/15: 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Womb, 2-16, Mayuramacho

Head down to Shibuya super club Womb for a chance to check out dance and vocal unit Woo Yes! as they launch their debut single. Woo Yes! members Chiharu, Mayu and Sara will be backed up on the night by DJ Yoke, MC You-Kid along with a special guest showcase featuring a variety of dancers acts. The girls have years of experience as backing dancers and having worked with the likes of idol superstars AKB48 they’ve got the skills and now they’re ready to prove it.

Woo Yes!

More information: http://www.womb.co.jp/#!/live/2015/05/28/wooyesroom.html

How much: ¥3,000



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