Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri


When: 10/06/16 - 12/06/16: All Day

Where: Tsukiji Market, 6-20-37 Tsukiji

It’s never too late to ask for blessings to protect you throughout the year. Tsukiji Market, ever-exposed to the volatile weather, and dependent on sailors to bring in the fresh catch of the day, will see their area’s largest festivals this weekend. The goal of the festival is to bring protection from sea gods and angry weather demons, and to keep the fish coming in.

This is a perfect time to catch this festival: with Tsukiji’s inevitable closing later this year, this will be one of the last times to see this festival as it is. Unfortunately, the blessings of the past couldn’t protect Tsukiji falling victim to the need to upgrade…

Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri

How much: Free

More infohttp://www.namiyoke.or.jp/ (Japanese only)

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