Tokyo Underground Mysteries


When: 01/10/16 - 31/01/17: 7:45 am - 8:00 pm

Where: Ueno Station, Ueno 6-16-7

Think you’ve mastered the Tokyo subway system? Think again. Tokyo Underground Mysteries is a puzzle game that will not only test your problem-solving skills, but also your knowledge of the Tokyo Metro system. To get started, you buy your game kit – which includes a 24-hour Metro pass – at Ueno Station between 7:40am and 8:00pm, and then start sleuthing. The riddles will send you around the city as they tickle your brain, but they’ll also have you exploring parts of stations that you might have taken for granted. And even though the bulk of the game takes place underground, you’ll also have to get above ground to solve some of these enigmas. It’s definitely the sort of game you want to play with friends, and you should allow yourself four to six hours in order to solve all the mysteries.

Tokyo Underground Mysteries

How much: ¥2,160 per kit (each kit includes one 24-hour pass for the Tokyo Metro)

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