Tokyo Mask Festival


When: 24/09/16: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where: Art Center of Tokyo, 1-4-1 Senju, Adachi-ku

There’s no way to feel indifferent about the Tokyo Mask Festival – the idea of it is either going to sound like a dream-like Miyazaki-worthy vision or a nightmarish haunted house scenario. Well, I’m not here to tell you that it’s going to be either, nor neither, but it’s sure to be a memorable gathering of intricate cosplay masks, fluffy mascot costumes, lofty helmets and quirky headwear. Frankly, if that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will. Bring a camera, you’re going to want to revisit what you see here.

Tokyo Mask Festival

How much: ¥1,000

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