Tokyo Dome City’s “Love Christmas”

Tokyo Dome City Love

When: 01/11/15 - 25/12/15: 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Tokyo Dome, 3, Koraku-1, Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

Even on the chilliest of winter days, Tokyo Dome City is filled with screams of delight from the happy (or delirious) park visitors. Thousands of couples, undeterred by the frigid nights, return to the amusement park wrapped around Tokyo Dome year after year for the events geared towards them (those who are single, you have been warned).

With an array of activities planned for the 2015 Christmas season, Tokyo Dome City looks to please couples with plenty to choose from. There is a souvenir photo available at the “Big O” Ferris Wheel, more than enough illumination to tide you over for the year, mascots that seem eerily like another company’s duo of the same nature, and many “makeovers” on rides to make them more romantic (yes, the haunted house is still open for the more sinister pair).

What may be the biggest pull this year, is the “Love Test” that couples can take part in – if they feel they can survive any potential aftermath. The series of questions will test your ability to both work together, and see just how much you really know about one another. Don’t come back to us if the results are not what you expect.

There is a fountain show at select times, and several restaurants also participating in Christmas events through the next month. Meet your quota of romance for the month all in one area!

Tokyo Dome City’s “Love Christmas”

How Much: ¥1,090 – ¥2,900

More Info: Love Christmas (Japanese only), General Park Info

Image: Maru Megan Chan, Flickr/Used under CC.

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