The Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival


When: 30/01/15 - 01/02/15: All Day

Where: Around Shimokitazawa Station, Kitazawa 2-23-9

Tengu, the legendary beings from Japanese folk religion, sometimes appear bird-like in appearance, but are more often seen around town in a more human form, the fury of their bright red faces offset by ridiculously long and comical noses. Keep a lookout on the streets of Shimokitazawa on the 31st and you’ll catch one such face being paraded through the streets, accompanied by children and adults dressed in masks and Tengu attire. The festival is tied in with the bean-throwing, evil-banishing celebration of Setsubun and takes place over three days with an evil-expelling ceremony the evening before the parade and a “guess the weight of the Tengu fortune beans” the day after.

The Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival

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