The Dinosaur Expo 2016

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When: 08/03/16 - 12/06/16: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: National Museum of Nature and Science, 7-20 Ueno Park

The Dinosaur Expo is roaring back in town, making its way back to familiar stomping grounds in Ueno. Families are welcome to get a taste of what the world was like when dinosaurs roamed the planet, while kids will get a kick out of learning about the ancient beasts through interactive workshops, short films, and displays of fossils and recreations. The most impressive feature will be the exhibit of one of the world’s largest carnivorous dinosaurs: the Spinosaurus.

Visitors will have a chance to meet internationally acclaimed paleontologists who discovered and researched several of the dinosaurs on display, including rare baby fossils. See them work live to uncover more bones in an archaeological installment, and take a gander at the closest thing to the fictitious Godzilla.

The Dinosaur Expo 2016

How much: ¥1,600 / adults, ¥600 kids

More info: (Japanese only)

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