Thai Festival 2014

Thai Festival

When: 17/05/14 - 18/05/14: All Day

Where: Yoyogi Park Event Space, 2-1 Yoyogi Kamizounocho

For over ten years a favorite for members of any community in Tokyo, foreign or local, the Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park is so well-liked that it often has an encore at the end of the summer. Thai food, Thai crafts, Thai music and more Thai food are always a welcome addition to the festival space near the Gymnasium between Shibuya and Yoyogi. Grab a beer (and some snacks!) and wander around taking it all in—you might not quite feel like you have left Japan but, especially if you like a bit of Saturday and Sunday spice, you will have a great time.

Thai Festival 2014

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How much: Free

Main image: Neil Duckett/Flickr

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