T-Ara Japan Tour 2013


When: 26/09/13 - 27/09/13: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Budokan, Tokyo, 2-3 Kitanomarukoen

The legendary venue (who could forget the live albums from the likes of Bob Dylan, Ozzy Osbourne and Cheap Trick?) is about to host a slightly less legendary pop group from South Korea, with the T-Ara Japan Tour 2013 heading to the Budokan. Although they were already topping the charts in their home country back in 2009, they literally hit it big on this side of the pond with their Japan debut two years ago, breaking records for K-pop female groups in Japan both financially and in popularity. Expect lots of choreographed dance moves from the Korean beauties, mini-skirts paired with heels, thousands of screaming fan girls and a gaggle of male lurkers- who could blame them.

T-Ara Japan Tour 2013

More information: www.nipponbudokan.web.fc2.com/201309.html

How much: ¥8,400

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