Strange Body: The Great Adventure


When: 27/07/15 - 22/08/15: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: Saitama Super Arena, Chuo-ku, Shintoshin 8

Burps, bogeys and bums: basically everything that your little angel finds hilarious is on display at this exhibition deep into the bowels of the human body. Enter via a giant size replica of a human backside—yes, you read that right, enter via a humungous butthole, and start your journey through the inner workings to discover how the digestive system works. A thoroughly interactive exhibit, there are piles of poop to climb, games involving boogers and belches, and colons to tunnel through. Guaranteed gross-out good fun.

Strange Body: The Great Adventure

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How much: ¥1,600, Elementary school and younger ¥900


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