Space Waves Techno

space waves

When: 07/02/16: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: En-sof Tokyo, 2-23-13

Space Waves encourages listeners to explore a new realm of emotional music for fans to connect with spiritually. Space Waves is an experimental group launching out of Shanghai and landing in Tokyo for a brief stint. DJ’s Stanley, Galaxis and Elli Arakawa will each take the helm for 3-hour sets. Fly through the stars and discover the idea of space music in this cosmic experience. The 9-hour wave-riding trip begins early in the afternoon, so there’s plenty of time to drop by, even just for a bit.

Hear the whole spectrum of techno sounds at their first official Tokyo party this weekend in Shibuya.

Space Waves Techno

How much: Free

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