Some no Komichi (Fabric-Dyeing Festival)

some no komichi

When: 26/02/16 - 28/02/16: All Day

Where: Nakai River, Nakai Station, 1-3 Nakai, Shinjuku

Decades ago, canals and rivers of Tokyo and the greater parts would be lined with kimono fabrics drying in the sun. Today, the process of dyeing and drying fabrics has modernized, and the technique is no longer used. Today, though, history is recalled and repeated three days each year, in an honorary event recognizing the tradition of dyeing kimono fabrics. All fabrics on display are donated by surrounding shops and designers.

Canals running through Nakai especially will be draped in an array of colors over the weekend. Passerby will be spotted snapping a few pictures along their errand walks, and several fabric shops in the vicinity will be holding special events, deals, and workshops. Some studios are even inviting anyone to walk in, paint their own fabric, and hang it over the river! Check out the area and browse through some open galleries and learn a bit about the history of “Some no Komichi.”

Some no Komichi (Fabric-Dyeing Festival)

How much: Free

More info: (Japanese only)

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