Social Networking Party at the International Center in Tokyo


When: 11/04/15: 4:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Artsbrains Studio Club Petu, 1-15-2 Jingumae B1

The International Center in Tokyo (ICT) is a cultural exchange association that offers a variety of activities, classes, and discussion groups that provide a chance for Tokyo’s international community to learn more about Japanese traditions and deepen their sense of mutual understanding between Japan and the rest of the globe.

On April 11, ICT will be hosting the first of their social networking parties, which will host a group of ICT’s workshop instructors (whose disciplines range from traditional Japanese illustration to Noh performance and Rakugo storytelling), participants in ICT activities, and newcomers for drinks, light refreshments, and discussion.

The talk session for the event will be about Buddhism in today’s society, focusing on the concepts in “Money, Sex, War, Karma,” a book that was recently translated into Japanese. The panel features Buddhist monk and translator Shojun Ogi, Tokyo Weekender editor Alec Jordan, and software engineer/student of religion Scott Patterson. The evening finishes off with a lottery drawing. Some of the prizes available include a ticket for a Noh workshop, a handmade furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth), a set of porcelain tea cups, and a sample of Japanese tea (Sayamacha) by Ms. Haruna Yamamoto (Japanese tea instructor).

Don’t miss this opportunity to sample a lineup of professionally curated sake, network with a diverse group of Tokyo’s international community, and think about how teachings that date back thousands of years might help us live a little more skillfully in the modern world.

Social Networking Party at the International Center in Tokyo

How much: ¥2,000 (reserved)/¥2,500 (door)

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