Shinjuku Station New South Exit Opening: Newoman


When: 31/03/16 - 15/04/16: All Day

Where: Shinjuku Station New South Exit, 4-1-6 Shinjuku

On the heels of Ginza’s newest shopping mall, Shinjuku Station is finally wrapping up the last touches on their multi-year project of installing the “New South Exit.” For the next couple of weeks, shops and cafes will be opening, including the Newoman shopping and dining area.

An event hall and garden area are also features of the new resting area, ensuring that Shinjuku Station will truly never be quiet or have any lulls throughout the day. The final grand opening is expected on April 15, with much fanfare and relief of the construction tools and barricades coming down.

Shinjuku Station New South Exit Opening: Newoman

How much: Free

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