Shimokitazawa Halloween 2014

Shimokita Halloween

When: 26/10/14 - 27/10/14: 3:00 pm - 5:00 am

Where: Around Shimokitazawa Station, Kitazawa 2-23-9

Halloween in Tokyo may not have kept much of the original traditions of Halloween, but people get into the costume part like nothing you’ve seen before. Walk around any busy area of Tokyo on Halloween weekend, and you’ll encounter just about everything—ghouls, ghosts, anime characters, cats, tigers, nurses, surgeons and some who just decided to put on sky-high heels and hot pants to strut around and happily look for photo ops.

Although most hubs like Shinjuku and Shibuya are great for people-watching before heading to the clubs, our personal favorite is Shimokitazawa. Not only is the neighborhood already vibrant any other day of the year, it gets especially lively and flamboyant around Halloween night. If you decide to skip the nightclubs this year, you may as well stick around Shimokitazawa, as some shops will be open all night, and a special costume party will take place until the wee hours. Advance reservations to participate in the parade are required, so get your tickets here for ¥1,000.

Shimokitazawa Halloween 2014

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