Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2015


When: 09/10/15 - 18/10/15: All Day

Where: Around Shimokitazawa Station, Kitazawa 2-23-9

In his gold spandex jumpsuit, over-sized crown and highly questionable black-face (which looks like it has finally been done away with this year), “Curry-man” is fast becoming as familiar a face in Shimokitazawa as the wild-haired local who stands outside the station reading manga to tourists. On a mission to make Shimokitazawa the “City of Curry,” Curry-man will be on hand throughout this 10-day festival of everyone’s favorite spicy dish. Pick up a map and follow the route to the finest curry the fun-loving neighborhood has to offer.

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival 2015

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