Setagaya Boroichi


When: 15/12/13 - 16/12/13: All Day

Where: Setagaya Station, Setagaya

Although it’s held twice a year (in December and January), Setagaya Boroichi is the place to be if you’re looking for some unique finds. Held in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, the 430-year old flea market attracts ten of thousands of visitors each time, so get ready to push through crowds for that one. Yet, it’s worth the trouble as you can find some treasures within the 700 vendor stalls, along with some food and drinks to keep you going. It takes place along Boroichi Dori, and it’s recommended to get off at Setagaya station on the old-school Setagaya Line.

Setagaya Boroichi

Dec. 15 & 16

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