Setagaya Boroichi (January Edition)


When: 15/01/15 - 16/01/15: All Day

Where: Setagaya Station, Setagaya

If you missed out last month, fear not: the Setagaya Boroichi will be back again for a weekend of street food, great bargains and bustling crowds.

Held in a quiet residential area of Setagaya, the 430-year old flea market attracts ten of thousands of visitors each time, so get ready to push through the crowds for this one. Yet, it’s worth the trouble as you can find some treasures among the 700 vendor stalls, selling everything from pottery to old LP records (you remember them, right?). And pick up some food and drinks from the plentiful food stalls to keep you going: if you’re being particularly traditional, you should grab yourself a hot cup of amazake and a daikan mochi rice cake. The market takes place along Boroichi Dori, and it’s recommended to get off at Setagaya Station (see map) on the old-school Setagaya Line.

Setagaya Boroichi (January Edition)

How much: Free

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