Scream Queen Filmfest


When: 24/10/15 - 31/10/15: 6:30 am - 11:00 am

Where: Uplink, 37-18 Udagawacho

Having run since 2013, Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo is an annual event that aims to celebrate and promote female filmmakers in the horror genre. Opening this year’s festival is Canadian slasher flick “Berkshire County,” which headlines a week of short films collected from around the world. Special Events include an appearance from Japanese genre queen Asuka Kurosawa and a bloody workshop with a special effects make-up artist.

Scream Queen Filmfest

How much: ¥1,800, Set of 3 tickets ¥4,000, Couples ¥1,500 each, Group of 3 or more ¥1,500

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