Sanno Matsuri 2014


When: 07/06/14 - 17/06/14: All Day

Where: Hie Shrine, 2-10-5 Nagatacho

Considered to be one of the largest festivals of the Edo era, the Sanno Festival is still a grand affair, stretching over a total of 11 days. Each day is equally packed with interesting sights, processions and delicious fare, but you may want to catch the mikoshi (portable shrines) procession on Friday June 13th, as it only occurs every other year. The shrines, floats, drummers and people dressed up as tengu depart the Hie Shrine at 8 am and make their way to the Imperial Palace, via Ginza.

Sanno Matsuri 2014

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Main image: Flickr/takayama27


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