Samurai & Ninja Show in Asakusa


When: 20/11/15: 1:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Where: Kaminari Gorogoro Kaikan, 3-6-1 Asakusa

If you’ve ever wanted to go back in time (The Sengoku era between 1467 and 1573, specifically) and experience the glory days, when Japan’s famed samurai and ninjas roamed the land, you now have the chance to check that off your bucket list.

The best part? It’s kid-friendly, and will offer up many chances to perfect ninja-star throwing techniques and pose for photos with the modern day samurai warriors. The day of events offers live shows by samurai, ninjas, geishas, and music performers, interactive “free” time with the stars of the show, an opportunity to try on authentic samurai and ninja clothing, photo sessions, and, best of all, an opportunity to learn a great deal about Japanese history and culture.

Bring your whole family, your friends, the warrior that we know is deep down inside you, and “join the battle!”

Samurai & Ninja Show in Asakusa

How much: Show,¥1,000; Activities, ¥1,900

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