Roppongi Hills’ Artelligent Christmas


When: 18/11/15 - 25/12/15: All Day

Where: Roppongi Hills, 6-10-1 Roppongi

Still unsure where to go on that special illumination date? Add another option to the repertoire: Roppongi Hills is hosting “Artelligent Christmas” on an “airy walk.” The “airy walk” is a double entendre: the exhibit is an open-air event, and all of the displayed art pieces are designed to depict capture the essence and movement of air. With an emphasis on snowflakes and the environment, this unique perspective and abstract multi-dimensional art exhibit will surely keep the evening warm with conversation beneath the thousands of blinking Christmas lights.

Head towards TOHO Cinemas in the back of Roppongi Hills and go towards to the West walk, where you’ll have to look up to admire the art produced by local artists who specialize in lighting and the architectural art. Head down to the streets and stroll along the main road towards Tokyo Tower, where you’ll find plenty of illuminated streets to fill your cold heart with holiday spirit.

Roppongi Hills’ Artelligent Christmas

How much: Free

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