Rock in Japan 2013

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When: 02/08/13 - 04/08/13: All Day

If you’ve decided not to splurge on the camping trip/musical extravaganza that is Fuji Rock but still want the outdoorsy experience, you might opt for the tamer (and cheaper) version.

Located in the manicured Seaside Park in Ibaraki, about 120km north of Tokyo, the venue may not boast mountain peaks, but it does have a Ferris Wheel as a backdrop. Even though the lineup has yet to be announced, the three-day festival routinely sells out. The event is organized by Japanese magazine Rockin’ On, therefore most acts are guitar-heavy. Last year featured Perfume, The Bawdies, Mao Abe and Polysics, who tend to return nearly each year.

Tickets on sale now. Lineup here – yes, it does include Kyary Pamyu Pamyu….

Rock in Japan 2013 (click for more info)

August 2-4