Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

Raizan Yasunaga

When: 21/05/16 - 22/05/16: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Where: White Space Gallery, 4-1-18 Jingumae

Represented by Dialogue Gallery, Raizan Yasunaga presents his collection of ceramic art at White Space Omotesando.

Yasunaga is based in Karatsu, a town on the western tip of Kyushu that has been renowned for its pottery since the late 16th century. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, including concepts such as selflessness and nothingness, he creates works ranging from traditional tea bowls to modern plates and avant-garde vases. His works are rooted in Japanese traditions and aesthetics, hence celebrating imperfection, rusticity and simplicity.

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Raizan Yasunaga: Recent Works

How much: Free

More info: www.dialoggallery.com

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