Pub Quiz for TELL


When: 11/05/16: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Where: Hobgoblin, 1-3-11 Dogenzaka

How many stops are on the Yamanote Line? How many points is the letter “H” worth in Scrabble?

If you think you know the answers to these brain-teasers, prove it by joining TELL in a battle of the brains for a good cause at Shibuya Hobgoblin.

TELL was founded in 1973, and is the best known resources for English-language mental health support in Tokyo, thanks to their phone-based Lifeline service as well as their traditional counseling services. Help them keep their programs running strong and have a good time proving your mastery of the finer details of life. More details about registering a group at the link below.

Pub Quiz for TELL

How much: ¥1,000 per person

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