Philippine Festival: 60 Years of Friendship


When: 18/06/16 - 19/06/16: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Where: Hibiya Park, 1 Hibiyakoen

The 60 years that have passed since friendly relations were established between Japan and the Philippines have flown by – just ask organizers of the Philippine Festival, celebrating the anniversary this weekend. Moving to a larger event space this year, the festival will promote all things from the Philippines, from costume and dance, to food and mood. Be a part of the fun and swing by for lunch, and stay for the performances!

The usual booths will be stocked with goodies, handmade or imported from the Philippines. Celebrity guest stars from both countries will be putting on their own shows and talks throughout the weekend, so peek ahead to choose your timing carefully.

Philippine Festival: 60 Years of Friendship

How much: Free

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