Odaiba Oktoberfest 2016


When: 28/04/16 - 08/05/16: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Where: Symbol Promenade Park, Daiba 1, 2

Yes, we had to double-check (and triple-check) to make sure we were reading our calendars correctly: it’s the end of April, but October appears to be upon us already. Not wanting to be left out on the Golden Week fun, hundreds of Tokyo and German breweries are flocking to Odaiba to kick off a series of Oktoberfests in 2016.

Try out as many beers as you physically can (within reason, please) and feast on a select few German and German-inspired side dishes. They encourage you to bring as many with you as you can to fill out the event, but we’re pretty sure it’ll get full on its own. Be sure to bring plenty of yens with you… word is the price is steep; but to escape the Golden Week ruckus, it may be worthwhile.

Odaiba Oktoberfest 2016

How much: Varies

More info: http://www.oktober-fest.jp/

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