Nikufes Tokyo 2016 Spring


When: 28/04/16 - 08/05/16: 12:00 am

Where: Symbol Promenade Park, Daiba 1, 2

Running all through Golden Week is the perfect event for hungry carnivores in Tokyo: the NikuFes in Odaiba! Try out any number of prized, meat-based dishes from a hundred chefs and restaurants across the city, serving out of pop-up booths for the week. Odaiba itself will be seeing a wide variety of other events, so this is a great place to take a break and restore your energy!

Get ready for the long lines, or avoid peak meal times to reduce wait time. But trust us when we say: these steaks, roasts, meatloaf, and craft beers will be well worth any amount of wait. But maybe that’s our stomachs speaking.

Nikufes Tokyo 2016 Spring

How much: Free (to enter)

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