New Year’s Eve Soba at Kanda Yabu Soba


When: 31/12/15: All Day

Where: Kanda Yabu Soba, 2-10 Kanda

Now is your chance to get in on one of Japan’s biggest New Year’s eve traditions: eating buckwheat soba (toshikoshi soba,年越し蕎麦) just before ringing in the New Year. Meant as a cleansing dish, with the long noodles implying longevity in life (slurp carefully), soba has been established as the final dish of the year for centuries; it started in the Edo period (1603-1867) and the ease of cutting the noodles reflected the cutting of ties to the previous year.

Nowadays, there is less focus on the tradition aspect and more on the ease of making the dish itself. The more complicated New Year’s bento (osechi,御節料理 ), requires a lot more work, so the tired cooks opt for a simple dish to close out the year. If you’re not keen on preparing it yourself, never fear! Kanda Yabu Soba shop is here!

Call by phone to make a reservation for the special New Year’s Eve Soba; they will be open all day, and expect to serve customers up until about 11:30 pm. The authentic, vintage soba place is widely known across Tokyo, and long lines are expected. Bundle and warm up with their sake selection while you wait – it is New Year’s Eve, after all!


New Year’s Eve Soba at Kanda Yabu Soba

3584816039_e935d65d92_zHow much:  ¥580 – ¥1,910

More info: (Japanese only)

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