Nekoism 2016 Finalist Exhibition


When: 25/08/16 - 29/08/16: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Where: Motoazabu Gallery, 3-12-3 Motoazabu

Any public art competition whose theme is “cats” is sure to draw a lot of competitors. So is the case for this Neko-Expo event whose winners will be featured in 2017’s Paris Neko Collection. Culled from applicants from all over Japan, the finalists will be on display at this exhibition at Motoazabu Gallery in Roppongi. It’s sure to be a creative display of cat-themed art with all sorts of individual and regional flair. It’s not clear if cats are admitted in the gallery, so you may want to check with the venue ahead of time before busting out your cat carrier.

Nekoism 2016 Finalist Exhibition

How much: Free

More info: (Japanese)

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