Musashi-mitake Shrine Hinode Festival


When: 07/05/15 - 08/05/15: 7:30 pm - 12:45 pm

Where: Musashi-mitake Shrine, 176 Mitakesen

Mount Mitake’s Hinode (Sunrise) festival features processions, Shinto rituals and stunning night views of the Tokyo area from one of the region’s most scenic peaks. Beginning on the evening of the 7th a twilight procession leads to a solemn ceremony at a sacred palanquin. Visitors can enjoy the scenery and spectacular view from the 900-meter-tall mountain, usually inaccessible at night. On the 8th a procession made up of Shinto priests and participants in samurai armor winds through Mitake village up to the main shrine at the summit of the mountain. The Hinode festival is the shrine’s most important event and is a great excuse to visit the fantastic Mt. Mitake.

Musashi-mitake Shrine Hinode Festival

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