Mount Takao Soba Express

Keio Soba Express

When: 22/02/14: All Day

Where: Takao Yakuoin Temple, 2177 Takaomachi

Ever wish you could ride a soba train? While there isn’t exactly soba aboard, the train will take you to it. Hop on one of the special Keio train that will travel from bustling Shinjuku station all the way to Mount Takao to celebrate their annual soba festival. In celebration of the buckwheat noodles, you can feast on them, and even get limited edition toothpicks and chopsticks on the ride. Our only advice, besides going there on an empty stomach: get to the train station EARLY, as it might be as crowded as a last train on a Friday night…

No reservations required.


9:37am from Oshima Station (Toei Shinjuku Line)
10:02am from Shinsen Shinjuku Station (Keio Line)
Arriving 11:00am at Takaosanguchi Station (Keio Line)

Mount Takao Soba Express

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How much: regular train fare

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