Mokujiki Enku Exhibition


When: 07/02/15 - 22/03/15: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Where: Sogo Museum of Art, 2-18-1 Takashima

Enku (1632–1695) and Mokujiki (1718–1810) were itinerant Buddhist priests who rose to fame in Edo-era Japan by reviving classical methods of religious sculpture and developing their own distinctive styles. The sculptors have been celebrated for the huge number of unique pieces, carved from single, solid blocks of wood. Enku alone is said to have carved over 120,000 statues, many exchanged in return for food and lodging. Two hundred and fifty pieces from both artists can be viewed at this exhibition.

Mokujiki Enku Exhibition

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How much: ¥1,000, University and High school ¥800, Junior high and younger free

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