Mirror Neuron


When: 18/04/15 - 28/06/15: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Where: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, 3-20-2 Nishishinjuku

Discovered by scientists on the 1990s, “mirror neurons” were found to fire not only when an animal performs an action, but also when it witnesses that action being performed by another. Believed to be responsible for empathy and imitation behavior, this theme of “imitation” is used to present works from contemporary art collector Ryutaro Takahashi’s vast catalog. Featuring works from such celebrated names as Takashi Murakami and Makoto Aida, the exhibition provides a nuanced journey through Japan’s recent art scene.

Mirror Neuron

More information: http://www.operacity.jp/ag/exh175/j/exh.php

How much: ¥1,200, University and high school students ¥800, Elementary students and younger free


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