Minatomirai 21 Sakura Festa


When: 28/03/15 - 05/04/15: All Day

Where: Around Minatomirai area, Sakuragicho station

Head over to Yokohama to kick off hanami season: their “Sakura-dori” is a 500m cherry tree‐lined street stretching over the Minatomirai 21 area from Sakuragicho Station to Yokohama Landmark Tower. To celebrate the ephemeral lives of the pink buds, cherry trees on Sakura-dori will be illuminated by LED lights, creating a surreal view of cherry blossoms against the backdrop of modern high-rise buildings. There will also be various events held at the surrounding facilities, such as street performances, live music and a stamp rally.

Minatomirai 21 Sakura Festa

More information: http://www.yokohamajapan.com/upcoming-events/minato-mirai-21-sakura-festa-cherry-blossom-festival-2015/

How much: Free

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