Mikiko Kumazawa: Howl


When: 11/03/15 - 11/04/15: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Where: Mizuma Art Gallery, 3-13 Ichigayatamachi

Informed by the events of 3/11, artist Mikiko Kumazawa’s incredibly detailed pencil drawings have come to depict people and cityscapes terrorized by human-like giants. There’s more than a touch of hit anime Attack on Titan about the work if the content and meaning are slightly more elusive. Staggering in size and scope, the recently completed “Tree of Ogre’s Children” is included amongst these phenomenal works.

Mikiko Kumazawa: Howl

More information: http://mizuma-art.co.jp/top_e.php

How much: free


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