MIKA in Tokyo


When: 18/02/16: 6:00 pm

Where: NHK Hall, 2-2-1 Junnan

Perhaps surprising, this is only Mika’s second visit to Tokyo – but it is a highly anticipated return indeed. The quirky and outspoken artist from London will be splashing Tokyo with his charisma and his colorful sets. Watch his music come to life on stage and dive into his world, if only for a few hours!

His current tour features his past award-winning hits and exhibits songs from his 4th studio album, No Place in Heaven. Last time we checked only a few tickets were left, so take care to secure yours now! It’s always hard to know when the next chance to see your favorite artist in Tokyo will be.

MIKA in Tokyo

How much: ¥12,000 – ¥20,000

More info: http://www.5gig.com/concerts/Mika-Tokyo-XX?n=3487094

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