Michael Dweck’s “Paradise Lost”


When: 25/02/16 - 23/04/16: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Where: Blitz Gallery, 6-20-29 Shitameguro

Years ago, Michael Dweck trekked up and down Long Island beaches, capturing youthful, romantic summers in black and white. Since then, his pieces on surfing, summer fashion (or lack of clothing altogether), and idyllic youth, have garnered him a number of coveted awards and scored him countless prints in magazines and beyond. One of his series, featuring the privileged class of Cuba, will also be on display for observing.

Ten years ago, his first collection of these series were printed; now, Dweck is celebrating the anniversary with worldwide exhibitions. For the first time, Dweck is bringing his duo-tone gallery to Tokyo, where he has several prints available in an array of sizes. A gold-plated edition of his book, “The End: Montauk NY,” is also on hand – but there are only 300 copies! They come with a price, so fingers crossed that your tax return is looking mighty good this year.

Michael Dweck’s “Paradise Lost”

How much: Free (but ¥300,000 for his book, and up to ¥2,000,000 for some prints)

More info: http://www.blitz-gallery.com/gallery_exhi_cur.html (Japanese only)

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