Loud Park 2014

Loud Park- Manowar

When: 18/10/14 - 19/10/14: All Day

Where: Saitama Super Arena, Chuo-ku, Shintoshin 8

Loud Park 2014, just like the name states, promises to be an ear-splitting affair with guitar riffs ripping the sound system, so bring some earplugs. This year’s edition presents old school sensation Manowar, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Rage, Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Kreator and Symphony X – so far. We bet they’ll add a few more artists in the meantime, so stayed tuned for more details.

Loud Park 2014

More information: http://www.loudpark.com/14/

How much: ¥14,500–19,500 (one day)/¥26,000–¥29,000

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