Live from the Kitchen Disco, vol. 23


When: 29/04/16: 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Where: Papera, 2-8-1 Shinjuku

As the 23rd installment of the Live from the Kitchen Disco series approaches, we’ll just leave it to the organizers to describe their tuneful Golden Week offering:

“With the horror of the summer sweatathon creeping ever closer, it’s time to take preemptive action by turning up the heat in the Kitchen Disco. We’ll have the stoves and the amps stoked up to warp factor 11 to serve up a mouthwatering menu of musical and gastronomic treats. On the music menu we have the epitome of smooth 21st century pop cool Orangey, and the infectious African rhythms of Metalguinnee. Meanwhile, supersnazz punkster Greg Snazz will be going all mellow and acoustic and Andrew Holtby will be on his best behavior because his mum has come all the way from England to see him.”

Live from the Kitchen Disco, vol. 23

How much: Free (but please make at least one order: snacks from ¥350, alcohol from ¥500).

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