Last Chance: Night Wonder Aquarium in Enoshima


When: 18/07/15 - 25/12/15: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Where: Enoshima Aquarium, 2-19-1 Katase Kaigan

Art Aquariums have been a trending event across Japan the last few years, but the Enoshima Aquarium is looking to shut down the competition thanks to their collaboration with teamLab, the creative production team known for their imaginative events. The immersive and interactive features are nothing short of breathtaking, as the previous displays teamLab has participated in are.

While everyone is scrambling to take in the illumination and prowl the Christmas Markets, seize this chance to go on an unorthodox winter date without the usual heavy crowds. The unusual lights and art installations give you the impression of being inside the glass tanks, rather than just casually observing them. The experience is heightened with the lights and the floral projections, but we’ll let you decide if it gives you a new perspective on the life of a fish or not.

Wonder Night Aquarium in Enoshima

How much: ¥2,100

Business hours and access:

More event info (teamLab): Sagami Tank, Night Fish


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